About e-forlaget™

Odd L. Nordhagen is e-forlaget's editor, in-house author and programmer. He now works as an IT administrator in a well reputated real estate agency. e-forlaget are but a hobby project and no longer officially registered with our former company no. 984581831 in Norway.

Odd Design™, e-forlaget's trademark for computer graphics and web design, has designed e-forlaget's web site since 2002, also the attached wordpress blog http://oasen.e-forlaget.no. The domain e-forlaget.net shows some of our pages from e-forlaget.no in English.

I have also designed the following sites (in Norwegian only):

nordhagen.info in Bootstrap (and the former version 2 and the flash based version 1)

Home page for Norsk Møkkamannslag

Home page for Neskollen Boligsameie 1

And while I am at it, these next two pages are not serious:

Introductionen to the Norsk Tacos- og Tequilalag (Norwegian Tacos- and Tequila Society)

The editor's funny side

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