minneKalkulator (memoryCalculator)

(version 2.0.1 | 921 kB)

memoryCalculator is a small Windows calculator with all basic functions and extended memory. You may save up to 5 formulas with the MS button, which you can re-use later on with the MR button. If you need to store even more formulas or results, you will first have to delete at least one formula with the MC button.

In addition to the four elementary, mathematical operations of aritmethic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), the memoryCalculator also have easy ways of submitting (pi) and 2(pi). You may also calculate sine, cosine and arc tangent, and use absolute value to remove negatives. You may round results to the nearest number or truncate to the nearest digit and calculate squares and square roots. You may even decide the numbers of decimals in (pi) and results. By right clicking the function buttons, you may put that function directly into the formula. By right clicking a parenthesis button, you may enclose the formula in parenthesis.

The menu item "Rediger" translates to Edit and has a copy and paste function. Sorry to say, the help file is in Norwegian only.

memoryCalculator consists of only one small file for you to download. The program do not need to be installed. It starts by double clicking the executable file minneKalkulator.exe. Version 2 has doubled in size.

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