(version 4.8.3 | 2,17 MB)

SecretMessage is a program for friends and lovers, and others interested in writing and sending secret messages to one another. The program encrypts text with an advanced key in real time, and you may also protect your message with a password of your choice. You may even send the encrypted message as an e-mail directly from the program or as an attachment. The receiver will also have to have SecretMessage on his computer and must know the password to be able to read your message. On top of that, the program file itself can be protected by password, so you may rest asure your private messages remain private.

SecretMessage may even create QR codes of internet addresses and phone numbers. QR is short for Quick Response, the square black and white patterns that especially smart cell phones may scan and save and use. The QR codes to the right is made with SecretMessage.

SecretMessage consists of only one file for you to download. The program does not need to be installed. It starts by double clicking the executable file SecretMessage.exe.

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