ODD - Fog (Tåke) (#2)

(version 2.0.1 | 55,3 MB)

In 1987 ODD's cassette "Tåke" (Fog) was published by Piivv Cassettes (see Discogs).

Our version 2 is a bit different. Some tracks are replaced with others, and the scores are given more descriptive titles which are difficult to translate from Norwegian.

All titles composed, performed and mixed by ODD.

The downloadable file is over 55 MB, with a total play time of over 53 minutes.

Below you may listen to the whole album online. Enjoy!

Tåkeheimen (07:24)
Tåkefyrsten (15:15)
Tåketrall (Foggy Lullaby) (01:14)
Tåkevandring (Wandering in the Fog) (09:40)
Tåkedans (Dancing in the Fog) (12:41)
Toccata i tåke (Toccata in the Fog) (07:31)

ODD on the radio

Jarli's radio program "Ricochet" (in Norwegian) was broadcasted on November 30, 1985 on Bergen's local radio station, where only the ODD Music was presented. Tåkefyrsten was then called Middelalder II (Middle Ages II), this musical journey's original title. Daddy's Polka (from the album Sound Roses) was played as an odd intro, and at the end of the program a short telephone interview with ODD was made on top of the longplay soundscape "Hydrosphere". The recording is about 40 minutes long.

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