ODD & JENS - Sound Roses

(version 3.1.2 | 15,6 MB)

Sound Roses is exciting music. Originally released as a "cassette single" in 1986, it was the first time ever that Norwegian folklore music and synthesizer music were mixed and heard. Daddy's Polka was played in Bergen's local radio station in November 1985, as an introduction to the more pure electronic music from ODD, including Fog II og Hydrosphere (listen here).

e-forlaget™ have re-published this unique musical experience as a "computer single", still under our very honest trademark: ODD MUSIC - the oddest music around!™.

Daddy's Polka is composed by Ole Bahus, Desert Dance by Edgar Froese and Battle Cry of Freedom from 1862 by George F Root. Billiards and F.O. are composed by Odd. Other tunes are traditional folklore.

This computer single is available for download, and you may listen to the music, the entire album, online below. Enjoy!

Daddy's Polka (02:00)
Desert Dance (01:12)
Billiards (04:04)
Mr Jensen's Galoppade (01:44)
F.O. (01:14)
Harmonic Polka (01:22)
Battle Cry of Freedom (02:11)
Postludium (00:23)
Blues+ (a bonus track)
(not intended for public release)

You may also listen to "Mr Jensen's Galoppade" from this album on YouTube:

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