ODD - Lava

(version 2.0.3 | 35,9 MB)

In 1985 ODD produced the cassette Lava with heavy, teutonic rythms - melancholic and meditative sound travels in a rough and unknown lava landscape, inspired by his first journey to the Lanzarote island that summer.

e-forlaget™ proudly presents the album in version 2 in our format for musical releases.

The downloadable file is about 36 MB, with a total play time of about 37 minutes. You are also encouraged to listen to the Lava album online below. Enjoy!

All titles composed, performed and mixed by ODD:

Lava I (04:56)
Lava II (10:43)
Lava III (04:47)
Lava IV (10:19)
Lava V (03:34)
Lava VI (Rekviem) (02:32)

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