ODD - figurer&gangarter

(version 2.3 | 60 MB)


figurer&gangarter (Figures & Ways of Walking) is a selection of improvised soundscapes from a time long gone, performed on analogue synthesizers in 1985 and 1986.

Version 2.3 consists of 8 formerly unpublished musical pieces representing the essence of ODD Music, both long tune travels with programmed development and shorter melodies, both calm meditations and faster rhythms, with a total play time of over 42 minutes. The downloadable file is 60 MB!

All titles composed, performed and mixed by ODD.

You are encouraged to listen to the whole album online below. Enjoy!

Jumping Jack (02:00)
Walking in the Moonlight (08:20)
Rotating Figures (08:22)
Geometrical Girls (03:38)
Stones (03:42)
Jogging Sonata (09:34)
Over Sticks and Stones (04:31)
Levelheaded Leaps of Happiness (02:31)

Walking in the Moonlight is also available on YouTube and below.

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