Nasty warnings?

Because e-forlaget does not have a security certificate, downloads of our executable publication files will most likely generate some nasty warnings on your computer. These certificates only would have ensured that we had paid a substantial amount of money to the issuer. A lack of such a certificate does not imply that the publisher (i.e. e-forlaget) is unreliable or a virus maker. But the warnings presented, may look suspicious and ugly.

e-forlaget are not a commercial business, even though we sell a game in Norwegian as shareware. Therefore we have not paid our annual fee. Perhaps in the future we will have to "bite the dust", but for now we kindly ask our readers, listeners and customers to take the nasty warnings lightly. We guarantee that our executable files are not infected with viruses, trojans, commercials or other bad things often found in the dark corners of the internet.

We have checked our own site on Google's, and advise you to do the same, to find updated information:

Please follow the guidelines below. In advance, thank you for you trust! We apologize for our screen shots. They are all in Norwegian. But you should get the idea...

1. The browser

When you click on a link to our publications, you will most likely come across the question if you really want to run or download the file:

If you by accident happened to click on a nasty link, that would have been appropriate. But all our links are quite innocent. We ask you kindly to click the Save button and choose the Save as.. option. Then Windows will probably scan the file and come up with a suspicious warning:

Choose "Actions" (Handlinger) and in the popup dialogue you can safely select "Run anyway" (Kjr likevel):

Our publications are only unknown because we did not register a certificate and pay the fee.

If you have followed the guidelines above, you will find the executable file in the folder of your choice. You open the publication by double clicking the exe file:

2. Avast anti virus

Avast (and maybe other AV companies) have found it in their heart to show nasty warnings for any executable file downloaded from the internet, if the origin of that file is not commonly known. Because we are not as big as Microsoft or Adobe and our files do not get downloaded as often as their files, Avast thinks it can claim our program files to be "potentially dangerous". Many developers have complained but to no avail. Avast has only moderated their warnings slightly. We can only appeal to common sense and faith in our good intention.

If you see a warning similar to the above, we ask you kindly to choose "Continue downloading" (or a similar choice). If not, you will miss out on our exciting publications and funny applications.

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